Quality Control

Our company has the most strict manufacturing process and follow the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification. We provide our clients with a one-stop service for all their needs.

Man——Highly Experienced RD Team and Technicians
Collaborating with the most technologically advanced universities with our skilled technicians for state-of-the-art product developments.
Machine——Patent-winning Designs
For mass production proficiency , the machines were upgraded by our own patented designs.
Material——Strict Quality Control
Quality Control Process: Incoming Quality Control (IQC)→ In Put Process Quality Control (IPQC)→Final Quality Control (FQC)→ Outgoing Quality Control(OQC)→ Retained samples by batch are well stored for quality check, traceable inspection records are kept for future availability.
Method—— Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process
Working with several inland silicone research organization alliances and industry-university cooperative research projects for an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.
Environment——Cleanness、 High Efficiency、Safety
The production site was overall upgraded in 2017. The entire factory has been divided into several control sections based on the production demands with management principles of cleanness, high efficiency and safety.
Cooperating with the third party testing service SGS according to international and domestic requirements.